Bug Bytes: Volume 1: Issue 6

It’s time for another installment of Bug Bytes!

Below are a handful of bugs that were reported by RegOnline customers, which we have subsequently fixed during the month of October.

BUG: When copying an event, the early bird fee transferred to the standard price regardless of early/late registration date and times
FIX: In copied events, the early pricing would not transfer over correctly, leaving the incorrect price for early and standard pricing. This is now fixed, so the correct price translates over to the correct level.

BUG: Last names with apostrophes return site errors
FIX: For email invitations with contact lists greater than 22 recipients, a search for a name with an apostrophe (O’Neill for example) would show up as a site error. Now fixed, this error no longer occurs.

BUG: Title of “Agenda Item Report” shows as “Attendee Roster” instead.
FIX: When running an Agenda Item Report the report would come up with the title Attendee Roster which was clearly a bug. Now fixed, an Agenda Item Report will have the correct title, followed by the event title and event number. For example: Agenda Item Report, Blue Sky Conference, #111111

Have any questions about a bug or something with your registration? Please let us know below, or contact Support today.

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How CiscoLive! Set a New Standard for Event Technology Excellence

By: Eric Olson, General Manager
Active Network | Business Solutions

Cisco knows events. And every year the technology giant puts on one of the world’s most talked about events, called CiscoLive!. From hybrid technology to user communities to cutting edge mobile, CiscoLive! has routinely set a new standard for innovative audience engagement and marketing excellence. And every year the event wins more awards.

So, what can you learn from Cisco?  A lot.

As event technology evolves, the best technology in the world isn’t held for the big spenders. Many of the tools used at the world’s biggest and best events like CiscoLive! are available for every event, big and small.

We’re proud to be the technology provider for CiscoLive! and we wanted to share a recent article from Event Marketer magazine that explains how these event organizers turned “roadblocks into opportunities.”

You can read it here: http://www.eventmarketer.com/article/challenge-accepted

After you’ve taken a few minutes to see what the world’s best event planners are doing with technology, take a minute to tell us.

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A Twist On Surveys

Guest Post By:
Jessica Marshall, Professional Services
Active Network | Events

Jessica Marshall of RegOnline Professional Services is today’s guest writer. She shares how a client of hers uses the functionality of RegOnline to the fullest.

For the past year, I have been working with a client who uses RegOnline for her event needs.  I’m so impressed by the way she uses her account, I have to share it with you.

We started with the usual. I set up her first two or three registration forms, followed by several rounds of training sessions. This was designed to familiarize her with the moving pieces, so she could take over setup, editing, etc.

Since then, she’s using RegOnline in the most comprehensive way I’ve ever seen.  Together we set up a parent event to display a list of all her currently active seminars. At the conclusion of each seminar, the registrant is sent a follow up email thanking them for attending.  The email includes a link to a seminar feedback survey,

Embedded in the confirmation email of the survey is a merge code that pulls in a personalized certificate for each attendee.  In order to receive the course completion certificate, the attendee is required to complete the survey.

Not only is the client able to provide potential attendees with a comprehensive list of events, she has received 100% feedback by attaching attendee completion certificates to a follow up survey. Additionally, she has saved the cost of printing and mailing certificates, by simply using our badge feature to merge all attendee and event details.

Now THAT’S using ALL that RegOnline has to offer!

To learn more about parent events, surveys, Professional Services or more contact RegOnline today (888) 351-9948.

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What does RegOnline’s low price get you?

While there are a plethora of event registration and event management companies out there, do you know who to choose?  All offer various pricing, but what is included in that price?

RegOnline is very affordable and includes a rich set of capabilities to help you run a successful event:

  1. Unrestricted account access
    • Create as many events as you’d like.
  2. Mobile Suite of Services
    • Onsite Mobile Check in, Mobile Registration, Directory Maps and Schedules
  3. Customizable Templates
    • Use Theme Designer to make events match colors, logos and branding.
  4. Pay As You Go Pricing
    • No contracts no hidden fees
  5. Free Access to Help Center
  6. Unlimited Free Tech Support
  7. Webinars and Teleconferencing
  8. Scanning Technology for on-site check in
  9. Include different Registrant Types
    • Create as many different registration types as you need to fit your event.
  10. Discount Codes
  11. Group registration
  12. Badges/certificates
    • Create custom badges and certificates
  13. PCI Level 1 Security Protection
    • Keeping sensitive information safe
  14. Social MediaPromotion Tools
    • Promote event to everyone through Facebook, Twitter and more!
  15. Email Invitations
  16. Merchandise
    • Incorporate merchandise as part of your online registration experience.
  17. Search Venues
    • To host your event
    • For accommodations for guests
  18. Access to the RegOnline eMarketing Center
    • Educational tools and tips to enhance your event.

We are continually developing additional features to provide a robust experience, to create more value for our customers.  If you are looking to add more, there are a number of additional features including surveys, donation forms, Professional Services, and more that can be incorporated for an additional price.

Have a question?  Leave it below, or contact an Account Manager for details today.

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4 Helpful RegOnline Resources for Event Planners

Looking to learn more about your event? Have a question? There are many educational opportunities, both formal and informal, within RegOnline.

1.Free Webinars

The RegOnline team of Technical Sales Consultants conduct live training sessions on a weekly basis, providing helpful tips for new and seasoned event organizers alike.

  • Every Wednesday, join in for a free Event Build Training. This webinar provides an overview of setting up forms, creating different agenda types, and walks you through the registration process start to finish.
  • Every other Thursday, the team conducts training sessions with an attendee management focus. Reporting, refunds, labels, badges and much more are discussed.

Sign up for a Webinar Today!

2. Event Technology Seminars (ETS)

A few weeks back, we referenced the Event Technology Seminars commonly known as,  “ Lunch and Learns”. Our ETS team travels the country to educate existing and potential customers on how technology makes life easier while boosting event ROI.
Check out our schedule to find an Event Technology Seminar in your area!


A widely known fact: we learn just as much from others as we do in a classroom. The Event Technology Group on LinkedIn is a forum for discussion with other event organizers. Post a question for peers to answer, learn about new industry trends, and build a network of colleagues. Join the Event Technology Group, to start discussing industry topics and trends with other event planners.

4.Professional Services

Need more? Hire the expertise of RegOnline Professional Services.

The Professional Services team provides consulting services for every stage of your event. The trained team can help create an effective online registration form, guide you through the process, and even be there on site.  Professional Services is the team to have on your side.

Have a great event education resource? Let us know what works for you!

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The eMarketing Center

Today marks the launch of the RegOnline eMarketing Center!

An exclusive to RegOnline customers, the eMarketing Center is a complimentary resource designed to educate, inform and provide tips to help event organizers run effective events. Read relevant industry focused whitepapers, watch webinars on social media, reference templates for design inspiration for online registration forms, and much more.

This is an excellent supplement to the event management software of RegOnline, and will be updated regularly with great content to continually help event organizers.

Check out the eMarketing Center now and a direct link to the site will soon be accessible from the Promote tab of any RegOnline event.

For questions, email emarketing@activenetwork.com.

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5 Great Uses for Badges

Name badges are more than a “Hello” sticker with a name written in magic marker.

Here are five great uses for RegOnline badges:

1) Add a bar code or QR code to your badges.

A bar code is useful for onsite check-in.  It is also helpful for both event organizers and attendees to scan bar codes in order to exchange virtual business cards.

A QR code is an excellent tool for attendees to learn more about an event. It stores additional information without taking up space, and can be scanned easily from any smartphone through downloadable apps such as Red Laser (iphone) and QRDroid (Android). You can configure a QR code through the RegOnline badge tool.

2) Unique Indentifier

Use a badge as a unique identifier for attendees ! Incorporate attendee ID numbers on a badge for VIP or regular sessions, auctions and more.

3) Badges are a Time Saver

In recent releases, we made enhancements to our badge printing process. Now badges print faster, allowing an event organizer to spend less time printing and more time on other important things.

4) Badges Can be More

Use the custom fields enabled for badges to create certificates, or use the same information as a ticket to get into an event.

5) Lead Retrieval

RegOnline, through a partnership with Swiftium, provides scanning services for lead retrieval. If organizing a large event with exhibitors, provide them the option of renting a Blackberry scanning device to get attendee information. The scanned info is stored in a secure database and is accessible after the event. This service is perfect for getting quality leads from an event. *

*Contact an account manager, (888) 351-9948, today if you are interested in learning more about Lead Retrieval.

Tell us how you use your badges, by writing a comment below, writing on our Facebook page or posting a Tweet.

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Running at Daybreak?

This past weekend, a group of RegOnline employees took part in the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon as part of the Active Network Charity Challenge.

Janine Russell, Account Manager, after her first 1/2 marathon!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Series is famous for lining race routes with live bands and cheerleaders, massive participant numbers and rocking post-race concerts. The race was Sunday morning, the day after Denver’s first snowfall of the season.   12,000 participants, including five Active Employees gathered in chilly downtown Denver for a 6:55AM start to run the marathon, half marathon, or 13.1 mile relay.

The race was tough, knees were swollen and personal records were not attained, however we did help raise awareness and funds for Activity Inspired Rehabilitation, Inc. (AIR). AIR is a charity that uses distance running to coach members of local recovery programs into a life of stability and sobriety.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll was the second event of the Charity Challenge and a way for us to give back to the community, and to promote an active lifestyle.  Every year, Active as a whole participates in the Charity Challenge, where each office picks a charity to support while getting employees up and moving.  The Boulder office chose the Denver Oyster Urban Adventure Race in August, and Sunday’s run, as the two events for the year.

The experience of running multiple miles at day break with your co-workers can be really motivating. How have you created positive change within in yourself or your community? We would love to hear of any company or group races in which you have participated.

ActiveNetwork employees, Justin Moser, Anthony Chiulli, and Kyle Rose


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Guest Post: Can One Person Really Do it All?

Guest Post By:
Andrew Steiner, Senior Marketing Manager
Active Network | Events

This is the second post from Andrew Steiner, Senior Marketing Manager for RegOnline. Andrew draws upon the daily experience of setting up our Event Technology Seminars, and how RegOnline makes it possible for his colleague Justin Gritzmacher to single handedly manage it all.

My colleague and I have run more than 75 events (three since my last post) with another 20-25 events before year’s end. These hour and half “lunch and learns” are designed to educate event organizers on different technologies that could expand the size of their events, help them manage more efficiently and intelligently, and build lasting relationships with their attendees.

Did you know that all of these events can be managed by one person thanks to RegOnline?

My colleague, Justin Gritzmacher, is responsible for organizing our events from start to finish. While he books venues, plans meals, and works onsite, he is also responsible for filling the room for each event.

At any given moment, Justin is working on the various stages of multiple events. We generally run three-four events every week, with 50 registrations each. On an average day Justin is working with registrants, sending out invitations for an event, sending out reminders for another, collecting post-event survey data from attendees, and compiling a report on the success of our events as a whole. Justin is doing all of this for events that run back to back, continuously throughout the year. There is a ton of information to keep straight and lots of little tasks that must get done.

And through 78 events, Justin hasn’t asked for help once. He is still doing it all on his own. This may not be that impressive to some, but many organizers are responsible for their events from start to finish. Many are inundated with a workload similar to Justin’s, not seeing how it is possible for one person to run all of these events on his own.

I am sure you are thinking that he must spend countless hours printing out name badges and preparing emails. But the truth is he doesn’t. Justin uses RegOnline to efficiently and intelligently manage events. Instead of using one system to send out emails and another to track attendees and compile survey data, Justin uses RegOnline to do it all. This allows him to cut out much of the busy work, and frees him for more important tasks like working with vendors or identifying ways to improve the attendee experience.

If you think about it, most of the busy work organizers deal with on a daily basis is actually created when separate systems are used to manage an event. The logistics coordinating multiple systems creates more busy work than actual value, and organizers and pulls them away from what they do best; designing a great event and providing a terrific experience for attendees.

Through RegOnline, Justin is able to get a lot more done in much less time through email and survey tools, attendee databases and reporting features. When he wants to send a reminder email for an upcoming event, he doesn’t have to upload email addresses. The system knows which registrants to email based, and almost every email he sends is automated. This  frees him up from having to worry about them before and after each event.

Putting together reports is easy because all data is housed in place. No more importing or exporting when it’s time to build a report. And because RegOnline is web based, Justin can access it from wherever he is using mobile devices. This allows him to get up to the second accurate information from his reports on the fly.

Using RegOnline has allowed Justin to cut out most of the busy work that organizers typically deal with, and made it possible for him to organize all 78 events by himself.

Now, if you are an event organizer that hasn’t had the opportunity to work with a centralized event management system, I strongly suggest that you give it a shot. To learn more or to sign in for a free test account, visit RegOnline today.

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Guest Post: Lessons Learned from Event Technology Seminars

Guest Post By:
Andrew Steiner, Senior Marketing Manager
Active Network | Events

This week, Senior Marketing Manager Andrew Steiner serves as  guest writer for the RegOnline blog. His posts  focus on the lessons learned from running the Event Technology Seminars over the past six months. Today’s post will discuss the initial struggles to fill their events , while the next will focus on how one individual can manage the entire process.

We have held 75 Event Technology Seminars since March. After running these live events, we have learned a few things about managing meetings.

The hour and a half “lunch and learns” were designed to educate event organizers on different technologies that could expand the size of their events, manage events more efficiently and intelligently, and build lasting relationships with their attendees.

As our events began we had to put the very concepts we were teaching to the test. We had to drive as many people as we possibly could to sign up for the events we plan to hold in 2011. And all of it had to be managed by just one person.

In the process of organizing our first 75 events we confirmed a few facts about getting people to sign up.  Location still matters. The size of the invite list affects the number of registrations. And price still has an impact on attendance rates.

But we’ve also discovered in today’s event world, these aren’t enough anymore. Focusing on these factors helped get us some qualified registrants to sign up, but in the beginning we were continuously struggling to fill all available seats.

Like most event organizers, we immediately began to focus on our marketing materials. We tweaked the emails, we looked into developing direct mail pieces, and we even hired professional copywriters. None of it worked. The lack of results forced us to step back and ask the question, “Why aren’t people responding to us?” We were offering a valuable education and even a free lunch.

The answer hit us like a ton of bricks. People just don’t believe us.

Consumers are bombarded with marketing materials loaded with promises that will never be fulfilled. They have seen enough of statements that tell them to “Act NOW!” only to have another chance to act in a month. And they are tired of signing up for events because “seats are going fast” only to discover that the event wasn’t even sold out.

If our invitees really didn’t believe us or they didn’t have the same level of trust in promotional materials as they used to, we had to ask the question, “Who do they trust?”

That answer was simple. Consumers tend to listen to their colleagues and friends more than anyone else. Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool out there. And we needed to use it to promote our events if we were going to fill the seats.

We immediately went out and found targeted contact lists focusing on exactly who we were hoping to attract to our events. We asked them to register and to invite any colleagues or friends that may be interested in attending with them. We made it easy for registrants to mention our events on their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn profiles. But most importantly we encouraged them to forward the invitation along.

We empowered our own registrants to become promoters for our events. And the results were almost immediate and were exactly what we needed. Almost every event since the adjustments has been sold out. And if we hadn’t made the changes, I believe we would still be struggling to fill our events.

Because of the terrific response, we have been forced to increase the number of events we are planning in each city. And we managed to break our registration goals for the year before the end of the third quarter. Essentially we are practicing what we are teaching and you could do it too.  You can encourage your attendees to promote your events through word of mouth advertising by making it possible for them to forward your invitation along to their colleagues and friends. You can also allow your registrants to promote your events through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Go ahead and give it a shot. And if you do it effectively, like we did, the results you’ll see will be shocking!

To learn more about how to get more registrants by empowering attendees to become promoters, open a free account,  and we will be happy to teach you more.

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