Bug Bytes: Volume 1: Issue 4


In a segment called Bug Bytes, we highlight bug fixes we have made in recent releases. Below is a handful our development team fixed this past month, based on customer feedback.

BUG: Copying events from a template does not copy over email reminders.
SOLUTION: When new events are created by copying a previously existing one, all of the existing settings should carry over. This bug did not copy over email reminders, but has since been fixed, eliminating the problem.

BUG: Wrapping vs. Shrinking of Fields on Labels and Badges
SOLUTION: We have worked on a number of changes to help event organizers incorporate all relevant fields on abadge, while keeping the look clean and professional. Implementing, “shrink to fit” and “wrap to fit” options has solved the problem.

BUG: Google Chrome is not allowing a Yes or Undecided RSVP to go through
SOLUTION: When a customer was trying to RSVP “Yes” or “Undecided” to an email invitation through the Google Chrome browser, the link was broken. This has since been fixed, allowing any RSVP (yes, no, undecided) to link directly to a registration page, even when using Chrome.

BUG: Attendee Info and Attendee Report Links Do Not Function Correctly
SOLUTION: When initially reported, this bug indicated that our servers were pointed to the RegOnline website and not directly to the Attendee Information. We have since fixed the bug, routing requests directly to the customer log in screen, rather than the RegOnline homepage. After this was fixed, it was tested and passed by our QA team three times over.

We continually work hard to improve our software to make it better for your events. Please contact our support department if you have questions, or feel free to leave a note below.

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A Recap of EventCamp!

Network Innovation Sandbox, during Event Camp Twin Cities. By scanning the RFID code attached to the back of a participant's badge, photos were uploaded directly unto the participants Facebook page.

Last week, a handful of team members from Active Network| Events had the distinct opportunity to attend EventCamp Twin Cities in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After significant anticipation, we were headed to discover the design and innovation of hybrid events.

Hybrid events are starting to change the event landscape.  They combine real life attendees with virtual participants connected through remote “pods”, while incorporating new technologies, social media and much more. Together, these elements are “tested” within EventCamp, making the experience more of an “innovation lab” rather than a traditional conference.  This two day summit brought together a diverse crowd including event organizers, industry thought leaders, social media experts, even software developers.  Learning sessions on mobile, virtual and social media helped attendees understand deeper value of these emerging forums for events.

As a sponsor of EventCamp Twin Cities, Active Network| Events conducted interviews with speakers and participants surrounding event engagement. We gathered a plethora of great content about participant driven conferences, gaming, hybrid technologies and more that we will repurpose for whitepapers, case studies and podcasts.  Our own Eric Olson and Justin Ramers also conducted learning sessions on “Technology Mixology: How to Choose the Right Technology Mix for Your Events“ and “Social Media Measurement and ROI”  respectively.

The most admirable part of EventCamp, was the fearless nature to try something new. From streaming Twitter feeds, to live conversations with virtual pods in other cities, to a built in game, the events envelope was continually pushed. While some elements of this strategy worked, and others simply didn’t, the environment was organic and supportive to this new medium. There is a lot that we can create from the innovation of EventCamp, and we look forward to it!

A big round of applause is owed to the creators of EventCamp Twin Cities, for their hard work in creating such a dynamic event. There are many EventCamps taking place throughout the United States and Europe. The next EventCamp will be taking place in London on September 9, 2011.

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Fundraising Events

On Tuesday we discussed RegOnline’s Charity Challenge and the multiple events we are racing in to raise money for this year’s charity selection, Activity Inspired Rehabilitation, Inc.

Today, we step back and discuss tips for fundraising events using RegOnline.

Create a Donation Form

You can use RegOnline to create a specific registration form that is catered to Donations. The Donations form type collects donations online, and is an easy way to have registrants directly donate to your fundraiser.

If you have a separate donations website, consider adding the link to both your RegOnline event registration website and to the confirmation page.  If your event lends itself to allowing participants to create their own fundraising web pages on your behalf, consider having participants create a sub-account and build their own donation pages*.

*Be sure to review terms and applicable service fees.

Use Theme Designer to create an appealing event page

RegOnline’s new Theme Designer makes creating a professional and great looking event website easier than ever.  You can match the appearance of your event to your existing website using logos, importing images, and customizing colors.  Further customization can be achieved using the site’s CSS code to match the look and feel exactly. Build a custom theme that looks clean, professional and striking. Or, simply choose an existing design from our library to get your website up and running quickly.

Promote your fundraising event through Social Media

It can be tough to actively promote your fundraising events and efforts, especially if you have more than one event per year. Asking people in person or over the phone to attend or donate to your fundraiser can be intimidating. This is where using social media outlets to promote the fundraiser event can be very useful. One of the benefits to social media is that you can easily identify people with similar interests to that of your fundraiser and connect with people you know personally through their Facebook wall, a Twitter Tweet, or a LinkedIn comment.

For public events, RegOnline’s Promote tab allows you to push your event listing out to social media channels to expand your marketing reach.

Have you used RegOnline to create a fundraising event? If so, we would love to know what worked, and what areas can use tweaking. Give us a call or hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the Blog to share your event anecdotes.

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Active Charity Challange

For the past few years we have hosted an annual Active Charity Challenge.  It’s the most successful community program we do all year, and one that offers a true opportunity for us to help others while helping ourselves.

This year the Boulder office is raising money for Activity Inspired Rehabilitation, Inc. (AIR).  AIR’s mission is to address homelessness and addiction in the community through endurance running programs that support and inspire incremental achievement and a positive connection with the community.We are participating the Denver Oyster Urban Adventure Race and the Denver Rock n Roll marathon to help raise money for AIR. Additionally, we have set up fundraising pages using our Active Giving site.

The first event is the 2011 Denver Oyster Urban Adventure Race. The Oyster is a single day competition, similar to an eco challenge/Amazing Race. Participants take on various challenges while trying to beat the clock.

The second event, is the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, ½ Marathon and 2 person relay. The marathon and half marathon courses are as flat and festive as they come – perfect for runners and walkers of all ability levels. This event will give us an opportunity to work side by side with AIR, but also to run with them.

Check back on Thursday, as we deliver tips for creating fundraising events using RegOnline. We will also have a quick look of our ActiveGiving site.

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Event Camp is This Week!

This Thursday and Friday, August 25-26, we are headed to Event Camp Twin Cities. Born from the Twitter handle #eventprofs comes a two day conference about hybrid technologies, social media and collective collaboration. This will be a truly unique event with in person attendees working directly with virtual attendees connected through remote pods.

Our General Manager Eric Olson will be speaking on “Technology Mixology: How to Choose the Right Technology Mix for Your Events”.  Justin Ramers, Director of Online Marketing, will be speaking on Social Media Measurement & ROI.

We will be posting news and updates during Event Camp on our Facebook page, as well as a recap of the event next week on our blog.

Make sure to to visit the Event Camp homepage to learn more about their event and corresponding pods for virtual attendees.

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Social Media Week: LinkedIn

This post is the third in a series of Social Media Basics.

What is LinkedIn? Some may see LinkedIn as professional network on the web, allowing you to connect with old classmates, fellow coworkers, and family. This is a great way to use LinkedIn, however you can also use it to leverage business communities and increase more awareness for your events. Listed below are a few tips to get started on LinkedIn as well as how to use LinkedIn to increase attendee rates.

Setting up an account and creating your bio

Get started by creating an account. It is as simple as entering your name, an email address and a password. Once your account is created, you will want to update your bio, similar to creating a resume. Include current and past work experience, education, and interests.

Adding Connections

Next, start connecting! There are three easy ways to go about this. First, you can use the Webmail Contacts Importer, which will check your email connections to find connections with existing LinkedIn accounts. Second, you can find connections on the LinkedIn homepage, in the People You May Know section. This will list people you may know through other friends, past/present jobs and/or schools.

The third way to connect with people is  through LinkedIn groups. Join groups that fit you and/or  your companies interests. For example, if you are hosting an event for marathon runners, you could join the “Running in Business” group to gain more connections, and share the details on your event with an audience that shares similar interests.

Be Vocal

Just like other social media outlets, the best way to take advantage of LinkedIn is by starting/contributing to conversations. If you’re looking to gain attendees to your event, make a group dedicated to the topic of your event. Using our running example, create or join a running group on LinkedIn and start conversations about the best trail runs, marathons, or tips on achieving a faster time. These types of conversations will start chatter, and get people interested in the group. This will make it easier to communicate with the group members and to gain interest in the event your hosting.

This week we went over the very basics of the social media outlets Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your event and increasing attendance. There are a plethora of resources out there for learning the ins and outs of social media, so make sure to get acquainted.

Have you used social media in the promotion of your events? We would love to hear about it. Drop us a line below, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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Social Media Week: Facebook

This post is a second in a series of Social Media Basics.

Facebook is an excellent resource for establishing an online presence. It can be used to promote your brand and events, and is great for connecting your attendees. Below are some tips on getting started, and also some pointers for those more familiar with Facebook.

Sign Up
The first step is actually having a Facebook page. You can create two different kinds of accounts: a profile and a page.

A profile account is for personal use, and you can receive and accept friends.  A page can be used for a company, business, product, community or more.  This type of page is great for event organizers.

To get started, sign up for a profile page or a community page, directly from the Facebook homepage.  Input your name, email and a password and hit the Sign Up button. You have now successfully created a Facebook page!

Create Your Brand
Establishing your brand, or that of your event, is extremely important. From your registration page to your Facebook page, there are things you could do to keep your look and feel consistent. This helps attendees identify and relate right away. Make sure to upload your logo and pictures, and include familiar slogans and text.

For added pop, many businesses build a landing page on top of their Facebook page. A landing page is primarily a large graphic that is the Welcome Screen on the page. By clicking “Like” above the Landing Page, it enables Facebook users to access content hidden behind the landing page, while also becoming a “fan” of your page.

To learn more about creating a landing page, check out this Mashable article here.

Come up with your social media strategy. Give yourself some time and create a schedule of topics or ideas, for as many weeks/months out that you need.

For example, if your event is 10 weeks away, your posts can say: “Registration is open! Make sure to sign up today to receive the early bird discount!” One week before your event, tailor the posts to reflect the actual program. For example, “Bob Smith will be speaking in Salon A on day two!  If you are interested in going green, don’t miss his presentation at 2PM.”

A schedule will keep you on track with relevant updates and reminders for attendees. Furthermore, this content can easily be configured into Facebook posts and status updates.  Remember, you can continually update your Facebook during an event, which helps keep the buzz going.

Keep it Uniform
These tips are not only Facebook specific, and can be applied across social media platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn.  Structure your posts to reflect and tie in with your content on other social networks.

For more detailed information on Facebook, check out the The Facebook Guide Book from Mashable.

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Social Media Week: Twitter

Social Media is becoming increasingly important, especially when it comes to event promotion. Yet, do you know the Social Media: 101 basics? Having a good understanding of the basics of social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) can help you successfully meet your event goals, whether it is promotion or simply connecting your attendees. This is the first in a series of  posts this week to learn, or get a nice refresher, about social media.

Today we will focus on Twitter. At first glance, Twitter might seem like another way to let the world know what you had for breakfast this morning in 140 characters or less. However, Twitter is a great social media outlet to help promote your brand and your event. Below are 4 steps to help you get started with a Twitter Account.

Picking the Right Twitter Handle

The first step to getting started is creating an account and selecting a username, also what is known as a Twitter handle. It’s very important to create a Twitter handle that will allow people to find you when searching. The name can be your personal name, company name, or even the name of your most popular event.  Your choice of name is a reflection on how you wish to brand yourself.

Creating a Bio

The next step is creating a bio for yourself or your company. Leaving your avatar (Twitter profile picture) blank, leaves your Twitter profile looking empty and unwelcoming. Use this area to upload a brand logo or a picture of yourself. Next, take time to update your bio with relative information. Include your location, a homepage or blog that is relative to your brand or event, and a bio that briefly describes your company/event.

Start Tweeting

Next you will want to start tweeting at 140 characters at a time. Your Tweets will be one of the best advertisements to gain followers, so actively tweeting throughout the week will keep people interested and following your tweets. Use your tweets as a way to advertise your brand/event, but also feel free to add a personal touch to let followers know, you’re a real person tweeting real ideas.

Create a Plan to gain Followers

Just because you create a Twitter profile, doesn’t mean you will acquire followers overnight. Create a marketing plan to gain new followers and reach out toward your targeted audience. A Mashable blog lists a number of elements to help increase followers, including: adding Twitter to your email signature, adding your Twitter account in a presentation slide and networking on Twitter.

Twitter can be confusing at first, but with time can become a great way to increase attendees at your events. Check out our past blog posts for tips on how to market towards your specific audience and let us know how you have used Twitter in your Events or to create brand presence.

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Announcing the RegOnline Developer Resources and V2.0 API Documentation!

Exciting news!

RegOnline recently completed the launch of its 2.0 API.  Included in v2.0 are twice as many methods (26 vs. 12), updated codebase, expanded functionality for existing methods, and increased flexibility for end users.

In addition to standard Help Center documentation, we have created a separate developer’s site for knowledge transfer and creating a virtual development resource community.  Beyond basic documentation, the developer’s portal is to become a repository for sharing tips, asking questions, and engaging the broader development community related to RegOnline API projects.

The intent of the Developer Resources and expanded API functionality is to:

  • Extend the value of RegOnline as a business investment and extend current application functionality
  • Increase data accuracy and keep data up to date by synchronizing data sources
  • Avoid manual data re-entry between applications
  • Lower cost of system enhancements by building upon existing infrastructure vs. creating something from scratch

To jump-start this future vibrant development community, we plan to kick-off a development contest (open to the public) to create application extensions using our API. Updates to come soon regarding prizes and launch dates.

API 2.0 documentation and the Developer Resources can be found here:http://developer.regonline.com

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Spotlight: Event Camp Twin Cities is Coming Up!

We’re headed to the Twin Cities!

General Manager, Eric Olson (@Eric_Ols) and Director of Social Media, Justin Ramers (@JustinRamers) will be speaking on event mobile marketing strategy and social media ROI at Event Camp Twin Cities. This two day event will be held in Minneapolis, MN, August 25 – 26.

What’s Event Camp Twin Cities (ECTC)?

ECTC was born from the Twitter community, #eventprofs, in 2010. It aims to teach and inspire event professionals on new ways of creating and planning events through the use of technology and new media.

One interesting characteristic about event camp is its hybrid nature. Attendees in different locations are connected to main conference attendees in Minneapolis, through remote “pods” (or satellite events).  If you are interested in attending the event and cannot travel to Minneapolis, there is the opportunity to join a pod and participate ‘remotely‘ in the following cities: Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Silicon Valley and Amsterdam.

5 New Ideas for Event Camp Twin Cities

The 2011 Event Camp will introduce 5 new elements: integrated gaming, social learning at the campfire, full throttle content, new ideas in the event innovation sandbox and Podapalooza. These elements will continue to build upon last year’s elements of presentation style, business games, mass collaboration exercises, story slam, alternative seating and two-way engagement for hybrid meetings. Read more about each of the new ideas on the ECTC blog.

View the Event Camp Twin Cities Detailed Program 2011

Stay tuned for more updates about ECTC, with more details to follow!

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