Share the fee, please.

Your event is important. And, it demands the power, depth, and functionality of a robust registration system to support all of its needs regardless of budget.

Small events and non-profits are a perfect example. While budgets may be tight, there is a benefit to using the robust features of RegOnline, without impacting your bottom line. Through Service Fee Sharing, you can pass the service fees associated with RegOnline to your participants, ensuring your dollar goes as far as possible.

You can choose to pass on up to 100% of the service fees as well as set it up by registrant type. This means that you can have your general admission registrants paying all of their service fees, while your smaller group of VIPs only pay half the service fees or none at all.

There are a couple of key things to keep in mind regarding fee sharing:

1)      The Service fee calculates before someone chooses a payment method.  Regardless of credit card or check, the registrant will be charged the % based off the Per Registrant fee and also a credit card transaction fee.  Different payment methods do not cause a difference in service fee.

2)      The Service Fee can be found in two different places: on the Checkout Page, and also within the Registration (Reg)Type.

The most important thing to note is that the Reg Type Service fee overrides the one on the Checkout Page.

If you create Reg Types, they automatically default to 0%.  If you then add a service fee to the checkout page, you will notice the Service Fee does not calculate on the checkout page during a registration. This is because the Reg Type is set to 0%.

You must set up the Service Fee within each Registration type. In the event that you have no Reg types, then the checkout page is the best place to set up the shared fee.

What are your thoughts on fee sharing? We always love hearing from you, so please leave us a comment below.

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How to Manage Multiple Events at Once

This is the second post in the “Do You RegOnline?” series.

Often, event organizers will find themselves overseeing multiple events at the same time. They could be a string of related events, classes, or even the same event but in different locations. Whatever the case, you need some way to keep everything straight for your registrants.

While this sounds like the perfect situation to panic, there is no need. RegOnline has a calendar tool designed to manage multiple events at once. This helps you stay organized while reducing your stress level.

You can create a calendar page to list all of the events you choose, then pick exactly which events post on the main page. The main event can even have its own website to put information on. This can be thought of as having a parent event (the one with the calendar) and child events that show up on it. Together, both create a larger picture of all events and their details, regardless of location or time of day.

Check out the Help Center for more detailed instructions.

Additionally, an organizer can create categories to better view the multiple events:

  1. On the Start Page of your child event, scroll down to the “Registration Rules” section and click on the “Advanced Settings” link.
  2. In advanced settings, you will see a section called “Categories.”
  3. Type a category name that you would like to group this event.
  4. You are now able to go into other events and give them the same category or create others.  NOTE: You MUST type the category name exactly the same, otherwise; the system will think it is two different categories.  Simply copy and paste to make it easier.

When you view your events and click on “View By Category” you will now see your events grouped in the categories you created.

Here is an example of what the final product could look like.

Stay tuned for more helpful posts from RegOnline.

Do you have any best practices you would like to share about multiple events?  If so, let us know!

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Do You RegOnline?

Technology has become a verb. “Do you Facebook?” a friend asks, or “I tweeted about this today,” another says.  But the big question really is, “do you RegOnline?”

This week,  thanks to Technical Sales Consultant Ali McGrath, our blog posts are full of helpful tips and features to help better understand the functionality of RegOnline. Regardless if you use it once, or multiple times a year, make sure to check the product blog all this week. You may even become fluent in RegOnline!

RegOnline Lesson #1: Create your own confirmation page:

1. Go to the Confirmation Page of the Builder

2. Scroll down to bottom “page options”

3. Check the box that says “show navigation button that takes registrant to external site”

4. Enter what you want your “button text” to say

5. Enter the “external site URL” (where you want the button to take someone)

6.  And there you are!

Check back for more RegOnline lessons all this week.  And as always, let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below…we love hearing from you!

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Bug Bytes Volume:1 Issue:1

Event organizers around the world use RegOnline to help manage their events. They rely on our system to meet their needs and reduce workloads, and trust us to make sure all runs smoothly.

Every two weeks our development team releases new items to the general public including new features and feature enhancements. Releases also include internal updates such as security enhancements, license upgrades, system maintenance and code deprecation, to name a few.

With each release, we also focus on bug fixes. Oftentimes our Developers and Quality Assurance teams will discover a bug during testing, and then fix the issue before release.  In the event that something isn’t working, we appreciate hearing from you, our valued customer. Here is a list of some key bug fixes that were recently released, based on customer feedback:

Bug: Unable to upload files using the document manager in Internet Explorer 7.

Solution: Now fixed, those using Internet Explorer versions 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and additionally Google Chrome, and Firefox versions 3 and 4, can all upload documents using document manager.

Bug: The column for payment method in the standard registrant list pulls most recent payment type, not the currently set payment type.

Solution: By adding a second column to an attendee report related to payment methods, the user is able to filter down to either a “selected payment method” or “current payment method”.

Bug: Email address verification wording is confusing.

Solution: We’ve simplified the wording on the tabs to say:
“Verify Email Address”  -> “Verify Next Person’s Email Address”-> “Next Person’s Email Address”,
hopefully eliminating confusion in wording when adding additional group members.

Your RegOnline experience is important, and we appreciate and value your feedback. It helps us make things continually better for your events.  Contact our support department if you have questions, or feel free to leave us a note below.

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Five Tips to Increase Audience Engagement with Events – Part 3

This week we will look at  two more marketing channels which help event organizers  increase the engagement with their audience before, during and after the physical event takes place.

In the first post, we examined how social media can be used strategically to connect attendees and to start discussions which can provide useful insight and feedback for the creation of relevant content.

In the second post, we looked at how more ‘traditional’ tools such as email and websites allow an organization to communicate more personalized messages and to provide the visitor a year-around knowledge-hub.

Here we examine the pivotal role mobile devices and virtual events will increasingly play within the events industry.

4. Mobile and tablet apps – Take engagement to the next level

For those attendees who have signed up for your event, the mobile phone provides a quick and easy way to distribute key information before, during and after the event, as well as encouraging interaction with key social media and web channels.

You can now deliver your event information directly to any smartphone – of which there are now more than 170 million users across the globe – or any internet-enabled device through web-based or native applications. The Active Network Events mobile apps are not only a way to plan and administer the personal journey for your delegates with program agendas, interactive site maps and session schedules, but they are also the natural extension of the online engagement provided by social media websites.

Today’s mobile and tablet apps give delegates the opportunity to build personal profiles, join communities, send direct messages to other attendees and connect to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Furthermore, with our technology attendees can give their feedback in real time through online surveys and audience polling, which will be automatically stored and ready to use for insightful reports.

What’s more, by creating a unique hash tag for your event and using a moderator, your delegates can tweet comments and questions during sessions to increase interaction, involvement and therefore, engagement. Organizers can even commission bespoke mobile and tablet applications to do the same, but in a more controlled and functional environment.

5. Virtual events – Grow your audience and sustain the conversation

Not everyone will be able to make it to your event. By adding a virtual element to your live experience you can share it online with those who cannot attend. Using virtual event technology has shown that creating a virtual component to a live event does not reduce audience numbers, but widens the audience, and shows people what they’re missing.

With the latest technology innovations, virtual experiences are becoming more and more rewarding. However, rather than replacing the live element, these virtual platforms should enhance it.

Virtual events, like webinars and podcasts, can be used to turn live events into 24/7/365 audience engagement experiences by making keynote speeches and seminars available on demand online once the venue has closed its doors and delegates have returned home. This allows attendees to reacquaint themselves with the content after the event, and those who couldn’t make it can enjoy it for the first time at their leisure. You can also produce new content tailored to the demands of your target audience, keeping them involved, engaged and ready to be informed of your next live event.


There is no doubt that the digital event is and will continue to grow its symbiotic relationship with the live event. It is critical, though, that this relationship is considered at a strategic level to ensure appropriate and targeted audience engagement to deliver the ROI demanded of every part of the modern day marketing and communications mix.

Although our channels to communicate have diversified through technology it is essential that today’s event organizer seeks to converge communications with their audience through technology with the live event being the focal point or even, one might say crucible, for fundamental one-to-one personal interaction.

Filippo Ciampini
Marketing Specialist
Active Network | Events

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When Life Gets in the Way

Life happens.

Regardless if you are planning a work picnic or a huge conference, things happen that can affect your attendees. What if there is an illness? What if a flight gets canceled? Whatever it is, there will always be something that pops up that could impede the attendance of your event.

Event organizers want to create the best possible experience for their attendees, and limit the situations that can impact them negatively. For the times that life just gets in the way, RegOnline offers a safety net called Registration Protection Plus (RPP).

This new feature can be offered by event organizers* to registrants  for only $20. If a registrant purchases RPP and is unable to attend due to an emergency, then registration is fully reimbursed.

An Event Organizer can enable RPP by filling out a few fields.

It is important to note that RPP covers costs such as registration fees, workshops, and sessions. Once a registrant selects RPP, it is not refundable. And while it does not cover travel, lodging or other expenses, it still helps recoup some of the costs and curb losses. As an event organizer, this helps save loss associated with cancellations and gives your registrants peace of mind if something comes up, increasing their satisfaction with your event.

Check out Registrant Protection Plus from Active Network Customer Support.  Also check out full terms and conditions.

Your registrants can add RPP before completing the registration process.

*RPP is available for US-based events, credit card payments only.

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Events come in all shapes and sizes.

There are small events. There are large events. And then, there are rush events.

High profile events, such as marathons and triathlons, typically attract thousands of people and have been coined “rush events”. The moment registration opens, these events tend to sell out due to the high volume of registrants.

As an event organizer, who wouldn’t want their event to sell out within a matter of minutes? However, to support that kind of demand you need to have the proper infrastructure in place to make sure the registration system won’t crash from the intense server load.

RegOnline supports several rush events worldwide. We have also made performance enhancements and server upgrades to ensure a better experience without the hassle. What makes this even more exciting is that we have the ability to control the volume of registrations according to your time frame. To avoid system bottlenecks, you can set windows or “waves” of capacity. We can even configure our maintenance schedules around your registrations, so you simply need to let us know what works best for you.

If you have a rush event on the horizon, keep RegOnline in mind.  And as always, leave us your comments below. We enjoy hearing from you!

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Let Us Treat You to Lunch

Guest Post By:
Drew Steiner, Event Technology Specialist
Active Network | Events

Earlier this week, we talked about five ways you can improve your registration process. Yet another way to improve the process is by attending one of RegOnline’s complimentary Event Technology Lunch Seminars.

We would like to invite you to join us at one of our seminars.  Over lunch, you and other industry professionals will hear how technology can help make your life easier, while boosting event ROI. Some of the main takeaways you’ll receive, besides a full stomach, include:

  • Emerging event technologies, including social networking tools and mobile technology
  • Ways to cut costs in half while increasing attendance by 20 percent
  • Best practices in event registration and attendee management

We like to keep these discussions small and interactive so spots are limited and will fill up soon. Below are a few upcoming dates. Check out our Event Technology Seminar site for a full schedule of dates and locations.

I hope to see you soon!

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See Real Life Event Marketing Strategies & Technologies in Action

We’re happy to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2011 Event Marketing Summit in Chicago (May 16 – 18), one of the world’s leading experiential marketing conferences.

Here is where you can find us – and if you haven’t signed up yet, register today as our VIP Guest with the code “AseVIP”:

  • Technology & Events Workshop presented by Anthony Miller, Strategic Director, Active Network, Events: Monday, May 16th at 8:30 am
  • Event Technology Roundtable – Wednesday, May 18 at 8:00 am – Open Discussion
  • Exhibit Floor, Booth #415 – Schedule an Event Technology Audit with us, and stop by to enter to win a Microsoft Kinect in person! Click here to request a technology audit.

Hope to see you in Chicago!

Lindsay Nayer
Enterprise Marketing Manager
Active Network | Events

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Five Tips for Improving Your Registration Process

Guest Post By:
Marina Antestenis, Marketing Manager
Active Network | Events

recent discussion posted on the Events Technology LinkedIn Group addressed improving the registration process at events. For several years, our team has been studying the intricacies of how attendees flow through the registration process. We have identified what they like and what confuses them, and found that there are a few simple things you can do to make life easier for your attendees while greatly reducing your own workload.

Get Rid of Paper

Online registration seems pretty commonplace these days, but many events still use traditional paper-based methods. Our studies have found removing paper registration all together has led to higher attendance, happier attendees, and fewer complications. For instance, The Religious Conference Management Association worried that its traditional, faith-based group would struggle when it shifted to online registration. They had no reason to worry–more than 85 percent of its annual conference attendees registered online and the organization was flooded with compliments on the new, easier registration process.

Encourage Groups

More than 30 percent of attendees register as a group. Research shows that attending events in a group is more fun for attendees and improves their event experience, yet most event organizers don’t realize this and fail to encourage groups. In fact, most registration systems don’t even automate group registration, leading to lost opportunities and frustrated group leaders. Everyone loves a good party, so make sure you include easy registration options for groups.

Re-Confirm to Eliminate No Shows

We confirm lunch dates and meetings, so why not confirm with attendees to identify no-shows beforehand? By using “click-to-confirm” reminders, you can send a series of triggered email reminders leading up to an event, asking attendees to reconfirm their attendance. This allows organizers to weed out people who have changed their minds and opens up spaces for sold out events. Meanwhile, your attendees get a reminder about the event, which reaffirms their commitment to attend.

Make Networking Easier with Directories

As social networking becomes more important to attendees both before and after events, organizers increasingly depend on good networking opportunities to make their events stand out. Get the conversations started during the registration process. Providing a quick link to a directory of event attendees, both during your registration process and in your confirmation email, immediately engages your attendees, allowing them to reach out to friends or set up meetings. The information in the directory can include everything from attendee names to email addresses to personal social networking links, such as a Twitter handle (user name)  or LinkedIn profile page.

Make Every Question Relevant

Don’t confuse attendees. You’ll lose them. Usability studies show that attendees struggle with long registration forms, particularly when they contain information that isn’t relevant. More and more event organizers are using conditional logic to avoid that pitfall. Conditional logic is based on if/then statements, which use triggers to dynamically display appropriate information. So, for example, if hosting a golf networking event, ask an attendee if they would like to attend. If that attendee answers “no,” then they move on to the next question. If they say “yes”, that person will get further options to select from, such as information on tee times, t-shirt sizes or transportation.

We would love to hear about your event registration experiences, so please drop us a comment below. And, for more information, feel free to download an in-depth white paper we have written on this topic.

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